RaspberryPi Hadoop Cluster 2-Network Hardware

Since we are trying to build a cluster, regardless it is PIs or PC… we need network cable. I actually don’t have enough short CAT5 cables, I need to use the tools that I have to make a few and also fix the ones that have broken headers like this.Image

Actually, it is a lot of fun to make cables, you just need to have the right tool and curiosity, it will be fun, trust me. Here is a video from youtube that helped me a lot.

And here is a few pictures that I took.




This is where the magic happens, pay attention to the silver tooth, which actually presses the copper pins of the header, which cuts the isolators of the wire and get them connected. Also, on the other side of the tool, the header will get clipped with the wire.




A cheap network tester will save you a bunch of headache and you see the new cable works perfectly.



All the tools that I have been using.

Photo Jun 07, 15 55 12


Final set up.




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