Docker – Remove Existing Docker Images

I want to remove all the existing docker images from my virtualbox, and I also ran into the errors like this for a few images.


However, I ran command `sudo docker ps`, I cannot see any running containers and it confused me a lot until I came across this Docker issue3258 on github. In the end, I realized that there is a difference between running and non-running containers which `docker ps` will only list the running ones. You need to remove both types of containers before remove all the images.

Here is the solution in the end:

sudo docker ps -a | grep Exit | awk '{print $1}' | sudo xargs docker rm
sudo docker rmi $(sudo docker images -q)

More information about what the commands do:

`sudo docker ps -a` will list all the information about docker containers including the running one, exited ones..etc.  


Then it pipe the data to extract the image id of the ones that contain Exit then run `docker rm` command, which is used to remove non-running containers.

After that, you can easily remove all the images because no containers will be running. Here is also a helpful post from stackoverflow.

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