R – DoseFinding

Today, I got to know this library `DoseFinding` and it actually is so powerful that I think I probably will use this library for modeling in the future.

fitemax <- fitMod(dose, resp, data=biom, model=”emax”)
p1 <- plot(fitemax)
fitlinearlog <- fitMod(dose, resp, data=biom, model=”linlog”)
p2 <- plot(fitlinearlog)
fitlinear <- fitMod(dose, resp, data=biom, model=”linear”)
p3 <- plot(fitlinear)
fitquadratic <- fitMod(dose, resp, data=biom, model=”quadratic”)
p4 <- plot(fitquadratic)
fitexponential <- fitMod(dose, resp, data=biom, model=”exponential”)
p5 <- plot(fitexponential)
fitlogistic <- fitMod(dose, resp, data=biom, model=”logistic”)
p6 <- plot(fitlogistic)
grid.arrange(p1, p2, p3, p4, p5, p6)


Let’s take a closer look at the fitMod function, there are so many commonly used models built in this model.

There are so many arguments that you can pass to the function fitMod, and there is a parameter `bnds`, which will define the bounds for non-linear parameters.


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