Smartphone as Remote Control: Apptui

as a person who does presentation a lot, one must realize the importance of being able to walk around without coming back to your laptop to switch between pages. You can either spend $30+ buying a remote control and carry that with you whenever you present. Or you can simply leverage the most powerful and convenient device everyone has – your smartphone.

There are currently many apps already in the market. I took a quick look at the app store and found several free applications. However, the one that I love the most is the application called Apptui.

ou have to first install the app on your smartphone with a helper launcher on your laptop. Then you are free to go.

You basically can do anything your mouse and keyboard does. And the application has some customized GUI based on the app you are using. Like you are using powerpoint, browser, grooveshark…etc.

However, there is one feature that is missing is you can not easily use your smartphone to switch between apps. And you cannot take note/draw staff on the presentation – unless you bundle a laser gun with your iphone :).

In the end, I am really happy with this software.

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