HBase – Contribution – mvn site

In the previous post, I created a patch without really testing as required in the recommended workflow. Actually, I was running the command mvn site as suggested and failed to build successfully without knowing why. Today, I spent sometime and noticed it was due to the lack of memory for the Virtualbox Ubuntu box 2G (only 1 G for the OS and barely any left for the build). After I upgrade the memory allocation to be 4G, it managed to build successfully and, actually the performance of the VM generally was much better in general :). More details are included in the following content.

First off, I was trying to reproduce the build fail by git cloning a brand new HBase master branch. Without any modification, I ran mvn site in the home directory and it failed after 10 minutes of build with the error message clearly in the log.

Then I did a quick check by calling the ‘free -m’ command and we only had 2GB memory in total allocated to this VM and 1.3G at that time available.

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After I smoothly shutdown the VM, I went to the setting of the Ubuntu VM and changed the memory from 2048MB to 4096MB.


Then I booted the VM back and double checked the memory was upgraded. Then the rest is simply to run the same command ‘mvn site’ in the HBase home directory and this time, it finished without any problem, and actually the whole process took about 36 minutes to finish the complete site build.

After the site built, one can go to the target/ folder in the HBase home directory and you can actually see the complete site there. For example, since I have only modified the documentation, actually only a few places in the REST chapter of HBase Book. You can see the typos have been successfully fixed in the web version.

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In the end, I updated my progress in the HBase ticket letting them know the typos have been fixed. And now is just a matter of waiting for any committer to come in, review and apply the patch. 🙂

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