Imagine – OMAX Binocular Compound Microscope

Just bought a microscope from Omax and this is a link to that model.

I do not have any professional biomedic education other than the one classes taken in high school and that was a moment where several students share a microscope so did not spend any quality time at all, I guess. Now I have my own 🙂

This model support a 1.3MP Digital camera and you only need to use a regular USB cable to connect it to your computer and you are good to go. Based on the description, the software functionality is highly limited on the MacOS platform but for a newbie like me, it is sufficient! The microscope does not come with any slide so I ordered some preprocessed slide from Amscope, now everything is ready, let’s show you a few photos that I have taken.

The first photo is a bee leg and second is actually a piece of napkin, the following are the pine leaf under different resolution.

Image recognition has already been very helpful in facial recognition, object detection and recognition in order to enable cool things like auto tagging, auto driving cars, .etc however, there is also applications at the macro and micro cell. Here is an interesting post from Google explaining how dermatologist use deep learning to detect skin cancer.

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