WordPress – Change URL and Home IP

My dear girlfriend is hosting her website on AWS. She got the domain name from name.com ages ago and we are trying to set up wordpress on a Ubuntu machine. The whole process was pretty easy and it took only a few minutes.

However, the most confusing and time consuming thing in the end,  AWS changes its IP in so many circumstances… however, there are so much information where the IP is included in there… for example, there is a table called wp_options in the database wordpress. We saved the Ubuntu as AMI image and killed the original micro one and brought up a medium one using the image. However, it failed to try to connect to the database at the beginning, and after tinkering around for a while, I got the home page to work, however, all the links are still directing to the killed micro instance.

I went to the wordpress folder and try to find all the posts that my GF has done. And in the end, it turned out only the uploaded images are outside the database, all the posts and write ups are store in the mysql database. And I need to do several mysql update to make sure the they all point to the new IP.

Here is the stackoverflow my GF found which let me go to bed before mid night 🙂


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