After Effects: Andrew Kramer Keynote Speech on Adobe Conference


Data scientists need to communicate really well literally and figuratively. You might pay attention to how you frame your words or how you present the info beyond simply words – like a picture, like a chart, or even a video. The reason that people are usually into plots instead of videos is simply because it is easy to make plots! You can simply use ggplot2 to make awesome static plots. Then people become picky and they want to make plots interactive, then it came in rCharts, highcharts or even d3.js. HOWEVER, if you have a team developing a data product, and how the output of the project is really beyond people’s intuition. Say you try to make better marketing decisions based on historical data. Then you might think about using some expertise to summarize your project into a few minutes kickass video that really catch people’s eyeball. Also, the output of data science group is usually directly to the executive who will have almost zero experience in data or advance math. But, you really need to make an attractive way to infuse your understanding into their new year roadmap and decision making. Don’t try to let them figure out what should be the take away, repeat to them again and again what they should take away. Touch, Convince and Infuse.

Andrew Kramer is the founder of “videocopilot” which really blowed me away when I saw the quality of the videos he has made on his website. And what is more, He has some decent tutorials showing you how to make awesome videos.

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