SQLite – Architecture

I am planning to spend sometime learning the internals about a open source database, and SQLite has been recommended to me as the “light” and well written tool to get started. Thanks for the community of SQLite, there are several good tutorials, articles and thorough technical documentations available on SQLite’s documentation page.

I started with the “Architecture of SQLite” and it provided a very good high level overview of how the components of SQLite pieces together.


Here is a great graph highlighting the ecosystem of SQLite and its major components. To me, there are two major components that I am specifically interested in at first glance, first is the SQLCompiler, I have never taken any true computer science class which I am assuming “compiler” is a core class that focus on this. I think better understanding of a SQL compiler works will be a good starting point. Second is the Backend which is the true “meat” of any database, how the data are allocated to the disk efficiently, and how the search happens, how you can optimized the allocations using canonical data structures and algorithms to provide outstanding performance is extremely interesting to me.

I am not going to reiterate too much what this article has already stated in this post. I will start with Tokenizer and hopefully have a better understanding of what a tokenizer is and how it is implemented in SQLite in the next chapter.


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