Youtube 360 Video Download

Above is a Youtube video uploaded by J Utah captured using Insta360 Pro back in 2018. If you have never seen a 360 video before, it is basically an immersive experience where all angles are captured. Since traditional display (monitor, cellphone) has limited real-estate, they only display the portion that fit into your display, users can pan/zoom/rotate to look in all directions. If you have a VR device (like Oculus, Google cardboard), these videos can create the viewing best experience.

Due to my internet speed, I downloaded this video locally using a site called Y2mate. After it is downloaded, it is just a typical mp4 file that looks … a bit weird.

It is easy to notice this video got divided into two halves, the top half includes left, front and right from the point of view of a driver. The lower half is like someone sitting on top of the car facing backwards that incorporated the up, back and down.

It may be hard to picture how all angles stitch together the 360 view if this is the first time you see a layout like that, a quick way to help understand is to take a piece of paper and cut out two strips (size of 1X3) each representing the upper and lower half. Then it is very easy to understand how all those 6 views fit together into a cube.

The cube mapping is a very popular environment mapping method to represent the 360 space, after rearranging the tiles, you get something like this. I marked C90 to represent clockwise 90-degree rotation and CC90 for counter clockwise 90 degree. (Note: the bottom view is basically the car hard top which some reflection of the top view, my rotation may be wrong as it is hard to read, all buildings look similar)

Now we know the views are all captured and arranged in an organized way. Can we process the video and tinker with the output format so it can be recognized as a 360 video that you can view in VLC?

The mapping and math behind it will be discussed in the next post.

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