OMG – Java in Eclipse

  1. syso, CTRL+SPACE (stdout print)
  2. Alt + Up/Down (move lines)
  3. Alt+Shift+Up/Down (move hierachy)
  4. Alt+Shift+R (refactor)
  5. Ctrl+Shift+O (organize)
  6. Ctrl+1 (fix)
  7. Ctrl+Q (last edit)
  8. Alt+s, r (accessor)
  9. Ctrl+j (incremental search)
  10. Ctrl+h (Java search)
  11. Ctrl+O (show all methods)
  12. Ctrl+PageUp/PageDown (switch opened files)
  13. Ctrl+E (switch opened files)
  14. Ctrl+M (maximize window)
  15. Ctrl+3 (search cmds)
  16. Ctrl+F8 (switch perspective)
  17. Ctrl+L (jump to line)
  18. Ctrl+Shift+G (search infile reference)
  19. Mylyn
  20. Ctrl+Shift+num_/ or num_* (fold and expanding code)

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